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Our Process Engineering Capabilities

July 6, 2021

Over 60 years of manufacturing innovation, supported by the latest in advanced engineering tools results in our on-time, high quality products. To improve accuracy and reduce trial and error, we utilize advanced engineering tools, such as stamping simulation, solid modeling, FEA simulation, and CNC machine coding.  Our expertise in each of these processes helps us meet the challenging standards of the aerospace and automotive industries and deliver on-time, on budget programs for our customers. Our vertical integration supports a rapid response from concept to functional model. Read more about our process engineering capabilities at

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Laser Welding Capabilities

Laser welding

May 11, 2021

Our laser welder allows us to better assist you with programs requiring exotic welding, providing accurate, superior strength finishes. Laser welding is ideal for welding hard to reach areas, enabling precision and quality in previously inaccessible areas. Contact your account manager or email us at to learn more about our laser welder and its capabilities.

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Our Semi-Automated Prototype BIW Assembly Process

prototype BIW

April 21, 2021

How is our prototype BIW assembly process different from other metal forming companies? We take a strategic approach and utilize robotics based on our years of proven production experience and automated technologies. This semi-automated process creates a leaner, more cost effective project. Your program can see greater repeatability, reduced piece price over the life of the project, and increased rate in flow. Learn more about our assembly capabilities at

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Who is QMC-EMI?


April 13, 2021

We’ve been experts in metal forming and fabrication for over 60 years. Our experience with a wide range of automotive and aerospace programs means we can support you with engineering excellence. With capabilities ranging from process engineering and hot stamping to laser welding and assembly, we have the expertise your next prototype or production project requires. From small bracketry to complete Body in White vehicles, we offer a range of technologies and services for all of your metal fabrication needs.

Learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you with your next project at

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In-House Kirksite Foundry

kirksite foundry

March 25, 2021

Our in-house Kirksite foundry allows for short lead-times for tooling and assembly when a quick turnaround is required. We have a pour capacity of 60,000 lbs. per casting and over 750,000 lbs. per month. Kirksite (zinc alloy) requires little machining to the molding surfaces and can be easily polished for a nice, smooth finish. This allows us to produce tooling for tight time schedules and incorporate changes quickly. Learn more about our kirksite foundry at

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