January 9, 2020

Manufacturing Technology Insights 

Top 10 Metal Manufacturing Solution Providers – 2019

Every year, the mobility industry eagerly awaits the launch of new vehicle models in the market. Creative ideas for the next wonder could still be on the drawing board but can shape the mobility spectrum of tomorrow—with a helping hand from Quality Metalcraft / Experi-Metal (QMC-EMI).

Established in 1959, QMC-EMI provides innovative structural solutions for the mobility industry to help their customers get their products to market faster. With complete vertical integration of prototype and production capabilities, QMC-EMI accomplishes the customer’s goal of turning ‘concept designs into reality.’ From small bracketry to complete BIW vehicles, the company offers a range of technologies and services for all metal fabrication needs. “From ideation to production, we are a one-stop-shop and the go-to partner for clients to reach the next phase of building a mule or pre-production vehicle,” says Stan Kenner, Chief Business Development Officer of QMC-EMI.

Although the market is replete with big production stampers and true prototype providers, what sets QMC-EMI ahead of the curve is its exemplary business model that bridges the whole spectrum of mobility. QMC-EMI’s three Centers of Excellence, spread throughout metro-Detroit, specialize in prototype, pre-production, and production. The company leverages robotics and controllers to completely automate its intermediate step of prototype assembly process or pre-production, which is a key differentiator in this segment. “Our customers can perform crash testing of parts and determine the feasibility of production while reaping the benefits of repeatability, accuracy, and quality that surpasses industry expectations,” explains Kenner.

The process of engineering the customized solution starts with the customer providing the entire BIW design. The design data is run through simulations, after which the QMC-EMI team collaborates with the client on the design and material selection to finally assemble the Body in White in either traditional steel or aluminum. And the vehicle production can be started in just 20 weeks.

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It comes as no surprise that their esteemed client roster includes leading OEMs like GM, Ford, FCA, Toyota and Nissan, and Electric Vehicle (EV) customers such as Tesla, Lucid, and Zoox, and aerospace customers. QMC-EMI’s production volume is most suited for specialty markets and smaller EV players to succeed in their business. QMC-EMI partners with startups and assists them in getting their data and BIW design to a suitable tooling level and progress on their journey.

The ability of QMC-EMI to help their customers establish themselves in the mobility landscape is evident from its customer stories. One of QMC-EMI’s customers with a low volume program was dissatisfied with their original vendor’s pre-production parts like doors and hoods. QMC-EMI quickly produced the parts of desired quality for assembly in just eight to ten weeks and helped in continuing with the production. Instead of rebuilding expensive production tools, QMC-EMI modified its existing Kirksite tools into the required hybrid tool to benefit the customer with a capital cost reduction by over 50 percent.

QMC-EMI’s unique value proposition is highlighted in yet another instance. QMC-EMI was working with a customer to produce light prototypes for their preproduction parts. The customer had ordered production tools from another supplier, the delivery of which was not matching with the launch of the vehicle. QMC-EMI stepped into the picture and provided around 40 stampings for the vehicle and accelerated the production by eliminating the wait for production dies. “We go the extra mile to help our customers get into production earlier with no compromise on quality,” adds Kenner.

Giving a glimpse into their future endeavors, Kenner mentions that in addition to automotive and aerospace, the plan is to diversify and expand their services to other industries.

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