January 12, 2022

2021 was a great year for our Safety team. Our Farmington facility celebrated their lowest safety record ever as the Company made great strides in new safety protocols and processes. We implemented Company-wide fork lift safety and operator training and an ergonomics program with cross functional teams to reduce injuries and job hazard assessments. We also held first responder trainings and safety workshops across all facilities.

Other safety wins in 2021:

• Gemba walks – We started daily management walks of the plant at each facility where members of the management team watch the processes in action and ask team members for feedback on our manufacturing procedures. These observations are used to improve processes throughout the Company, including in quality, purchasing, and planning.

• Robust safety committee – We established a robust safety committee comprised of individuals from across the Company to build and improve our safety processes and procedures.

• Executive level safety charter – Our new executive level safety charter outlines responsibilities for the safety team and what we will accomplish throughout the year.

Through all of these changes, we have been actively listening to our employee to provide the tools they need to be successful and will continue to do so in the New Year. Safety is a year round mission to ensure every worker goes home how they came to work, SAFE.

We are looking forward to having our safest year yet in 2022!