We are equipped with the latest technologies in 5-axis and flat pattern laser cutting to cut a full range of materials. Utilizing CO2, O2, nitrogen, and fiber machines, we are able to trim precision metal components with speed and minimal burr. Our machine configurations allow for complex shapes and sizes and accommodate the full range of metallic options with both online and offline programming capabilities. We employ cutting capabilities that allow us to work with a wide range of metals, including carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, inconel, titanium, coated metals, mild steel, and high strength metals. Our engineering team utilizes Cenit/Fastsuite software to complete off-line programming (OLP) to streamline the first time quality of our process. Our laser department is accredited by Nadcap for AC7116/4 Rev C laser beam machining (LBM).


Our equipment includes:

(1) 4000w Mitsubishi fiber optic flat laser – table size 84’ x 156’

(4) 3000w Mitsubishi VZ10 5-axis lasers – table size’ 89’ x 122

(1) 4000w Mitsubishi VZ20 5-axis laser – table size 75’ x 168’

(2) 3300w NTC 5-axis lasers – table size 168’ x 75’

(1) 3300w NTC 5-axis lasers – table size 120’ x 75’

(2) 3300w NTC 5-axis laser – table size 6’ x 14’

(1) 2500w NTC 5-axis laser – table size 6’x 10’


This range of different laser cutters ensures that we are able to provide the cutting solution your program requires while maintaining the repeatability you expect.